Operational Support and Development

Initial Operational Set Up

Draft Menu Development

Recommend Treatment Products and Protocol
Draft Signature Treatment Development
Draft Menu


Establish the Spa organizational structure
Manning / Prepare the staffing requirements
Staff plan and support with the compensation program
Prepare Job Descriptions
Preparing salary scale and staff incentive/commission schemes

FF&E and OSE

Coordinate the Purchasing of the approved FF&E Spa Equipment
Preliminary OS&E list will include,
Retail Products,
Guest Supplies,
and all other operating supplies required for the operations of the spa.
Recommend items of equipment, machinery, tools, and stock required

Operational Detailed Development

Menu Development

Outline spa program menu
Service descriptions
Detailed description of the spa treatment menu,
Duration options
Cost of sale, costs
Gross profit potential
Create Signature Treatments and Protocols

Purchasing & Inventory

Operating Supplies and Equipment Procurement Support
Spa equipment requirement and specification in preparation for sourcing selection and tendering
the tools required for operations
Provide the role of liaison to external partners and suppliers, direct negotiations with them, inspect the Spa equipment in terms of procurement, and manage the bid documentation. (Contracts for equipment or any other purchases will be approved and executed only by the owner)

Review the Software /Systems Management

Input and advice by the development of the new IT System
Reporting Systems including daily, and monthly reports to provide Management and owners with a clear daily revenue status and visitation statistics (e.g. revenue status, performance statistics (service & retail sales), Memberships, strategies including products and service up-selling and related incentive schemes)
Purchasing and Inventory Systems (input and advice on establishing)
Category management for the Spa retail area (input and advice on establishing)
Customer Relationship management (input and advice on establishing)
Provide input for the identification and selection of the spa reservation system.
POS interlinking

Operational Manual/SOPS/Treatment Protocols

Operational Manual
Treatment Protocols
Staff Handbook


We can assist you with recruiting the right staff so your spa runs at the optimum level, creating better profits for you

Marketing support

SpaLution shall cooperate and work together with the appointed marketing/PR team in order to achieve optimum utilisation. To cooperate with organisation and institutes to identify and develop sales opportunities for the development, exploring the local markets
Branding and CI
Collateral Development
Price List
Appointment Cards
Business Cards
Name Badges

Onsite Operational Set up

Project Management

Coach and guide the spa manager / director
Follow through with the critical path
Assist with Coordinating product training in all beauty and body treatment
Assist with Coordinating all additional training
Assist with Coordinating housekeeping department to establish proper cleaning standard operating procedures for the spa
Develop cleaning checklists
Support staff and management

Training and Interdepartmental coordination

Provide On-site Training
Front of House
Spa Management / Supervisory Team
Front Line Operations
Reception / Front Desk
Point of Sale
Sales Training
Guest Service & Relations Training
Product Knowledge / Vendor Training
Assist with Coordinating vendors, staff, supplies, set-up, location
Locker, Laundry & Maintenance process
Cleaning Standards
Cleaning and Maintenance schedule in keeping with the hours of operation
Evaluations / Performance Appraisals
Integration of Spa

Onsite move-in and Set up – Pre-opening on site assistance

Physically assist with the move-in, set up, and punching of the building
Confirm and assist with FFE and OSE
Oversee Professional Product Set-Up
Check In – Verify Packaging Sheets
Oversee Set Up of Dispensary/Prep Rooms
Oversee Retail Product Set-up
Merchandising: Display, Design, and Stylization of retail areas
Diagnose systems efficiency

First weeks in operation consultancy

After opening to ensure a seamless integration of systems to actual practice
Set up Quality Management Systems
Implement, review and adapt all SOPS and systems
Quality control of all service