Feasibilities and Concepts

Project Reality Check

  • Client to provide a briefing book that is an overview of the project, objectives, site, concept, competitive set, etc.
  • Phone call or meeting with owner, developer, architects, etc. to discuss the briefing book, answer questions, examine the economic realities of getting into the spa business in terms of start-up costs and operating pro forma expectations; etc.
  • At the end of the phone call or meeting, SpaLution will provide an opinion based on the information received and discussed regarding the challenges and opportunities so the client can make a go no decision on whether or not to proceed to the next step

Market Feasibility

The market analysis of a spa facility is the prerequisite for developing the perfect strategic concept.

  • The analysis looks at the most important market and spa factors.
  • Other businesses working in the same field are evaluated in comparison to the project.
  • Price analyses are provided.
  • The tourism and leisure trends relevant for the spa facility are analysed.
  • The analyses are conducted as comprehensive desk research

Concept Brief and Business Strategy

SpaLution will help you help find that competitive edge, we will deliver a market-driven, trend-sensitive concept.

Spa Concept Brief and Strategy

  • Spa Style and Theme Symbolic Images
  • Spa Typology
  • Space Program
  • Adjacency Diagram
  • Market Focus and Direction
  • Treatment Matrix Options
  • Developing of a sample menu based on various factors which will be determined on basis of allow maximum return and increase in guest loyalties. As one of the most important puzzle of the spa operations, this will be delivered based on the most effective:
    • Spa treatments and services to include a la carte services, packages and signature treatments.
    • Local products
  • Sample Spa Equipment
  • Sample Uniform Images
  • Sample Collateral Images

Financial Feasibility

Financial Model is to cover the following:

  • A background model is formulated incorporating the Employer’s brief and information, the agreed facilities, the services and product mix, spa industry norms and consultant research.
  • The model will incorporate the unique projected occupancy statistics for the spa. It will forecast capture rates, number of guests/babies having treatments, number of employees, therapist treatment time, treatment room occupancy percentages.
  • Investment Calculation and projected RIO
  • Operational Costs
  • The projections are to provide an indication of the spa’s staffing structure and the expected salary levels and benefits
  • A suitable pricing strategy will be created for the spa taking all market research into account and the unique nature of the treatment range
  • To quantify the project’s first year sales potential for each offering.
  • To assess project’s viability and profitability based on capital and operational costs and key financial ratios.